Treasure Island


Infuse Studio

A small pirate island featuring modular shack building parts and equipment related to pirates.

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Product Description

Pack Version 1.0

Modular shack building parts
Includes great props
Landscape material with many functions

Technical Details
Props: Row Boat, Oar, Shovel, Treasure Chest
Structure: 5 Floor pieces, 1 Door, 7 Roof pieces, 5 Supports, 4 Wood Beams, Stairs, 12 Walls
Other: 3 Plank details, Fence, Palm Tree
Texture Sizes: 2k to 4k
Intended Platform: Desktop, Console
All Assets have Materials of varying kind. All assets are have correct UVs either for tiling or 0-1 textures(which are included). All textures are intended for PBR materials. All textures are 4k with few exception . Most include Albedo, Normal, and a Compact Map (Roughness, Metallic and AO). Assets have collision meshes if applicable. Post Processing setting set to High or Epic for the lights to render correctly in the Showcase map.


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